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Water Main Swabbing

Water main swabbing is a critical and specialised service, essential for ensuring the cleanliness and functionality of new water mains before they are brought into active service. In the UK, maintaining the highest standards of water quality is not just a matter of compliance, but a commitment to public health and safety. DJM Services is at the forefront of delivering this essential service, utilising advanced techniques and meticulous attention to detail.

The process of water main swabbing involves the forceful introduction of a large sponge or swab through the pipeline. This swab moves through the pipe, effectively dislodging and removing any debris, such as stones, sand, or silt, that may have accumulated during the construction or installation phase. These contaminants, if left unchecked, can not only compromise the quality of the water but also potentially damage the infrastructure of the water main itself.

Once the swabbing process is complete, ensuring that the interior of the pipe is thoroughly cleaned, the next step is to undertake chlorine testing procedures. This is a crucial phase where the water within the pipe is treated and tested to ensure it meets the stringent standards for cleanliness and safety. 

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