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Why Use DJM

What Matters To You 

  • Flexibility to coordinate with your construction programme 
  • Providing you with a single point of contact
  • Cost-effective 
  • We will Liaise with Water Company and complete required paperwork
  • We carried out Trench inspections when service connection carried out, so no need to wait
    10 day from inspection to fitting. Trenched do not need to left open so long.
  • Save money - currently paying design fee for DCWW schemes we are carrying out as Self-lay
  • Save a minimum of £80 per service.


Committed to Quality

Self-Lay providers are accredited to the Water Industry Regulations Scheme, administered by Lloyd's Register on behalf of the water industry.

This means we:

  • have demonstrated we can carry out the water connection work to the same technical, quality and safety standards as what the Water provider would
  • give u the same end result as if the water company did the entire job, as they adopt the new mains and/or service connections afterwards
  • we are subject to regular reviews and site visits by Lloyd's Register to check are ongoing quality of are work



All DJM employees hold the SHEA (Water), National Water Hygiene Card and First Aid trained.  All operational staff also are NCO (Water) and NRSWA certified. supervisors also have NRSWA street works tickets and SSSTS

Ready For Exceptional Service? Let's Get Started!

Transform your project vision into reality with DJM Services. Whether it’s groundworks, water, or sewer needs, our expertise is just a click away. Connect with us today to discuss your requirements and experience service beyond expectations. Your journey towards hassle-free and top-quality solutions starts here.

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